Mediation is a process that helps people to communicate with one another in order to resolve the issues that are causing conflict. The participants are assisted by a neutral 3rd party, the Mediator. Mediators are specially trained and experienced in assisting people with the discussion of their issues, their interests, and their concerns. It is a dynamic process that gives the participants an opportunity to be heard and to be understood. Mediation empowers people to be problem solvers. The Mediator provides tools that assist people with the creation of solutions to their problems. Each Mediation is uniquely crafted to the issues and circumstances of the participants. No two Mediations are alike.

Mediators usually come from the professions of Law or Counselling. All Mediators tend to have excellent communication skills (particularly as listeners!), adaptive thinking, patience, and empathy. Their professional backgrounds are not enough to provide them with the tools to be effective Mediators. Special training in Mediation practice and theory is of paramount importance, as are the skills developed through experience in conducting Mediations.

Pete Schloss began his career in Law in 1980. In 1991 he attended his first Mediation training and began conducting Family Law Mediations. Since then he has Mediated over 3,000 cases, mostly in the area of Family Law. Pete has attended or presented at over 100 seminars on Mediation practice and theory. He is recognized as one of the most experienced and successful Family Law Mediators in the State of Missouri.

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“I am a retired Attorney whose Mediation practice focused upon the resolution of disputes through Mediation.  I provide a confidential forum for people to  find dignified solutions to the problems that they face.”
  -Peter M. Schloss