If I had known that 72 would be so much fun I wouldn’t have put it off for so long!

Peace Everyone! Pete

22 thoughts on “72!

  1. Julie Baliva says:

    Looks like you are starting off with a good birthday. What a great looking group of young people! Happy birthday and many more.

  2. Happy Birthday! You look great! All that training is paying off. 72 is a good year. Seems like one must work a bit longer each day to keep the aging process at bay, but it’s worth it.
    Your grands are so grown up! Looking forward to reading about your Camino with Britton.
    Enjoy your day!

    • I look better than I feel most mornings. First stretch of the day reveals more aches and creaks all the time! They are a great bunch of kids. I hope that all is well, and that life is smiling upon you and yours.

  3. Happy birthday! You are looking fabulous and the party looked like great fun!
    All the best for a wonderful year,
    Bobbi and Russ

  4. Happy Birthday Pete – a tad late! What a wonderful family gathering! I do hope it was as much fun as it looked! Hugs to you and your Bride!

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