It has been a little over a month since I launched my daily “Thoughts”. It has not been as challenging to make time to write as I imagined. I have had the luxury of some old writings to draw upon and for the next few days I will likely post from my 2010 experiences bicycling across the United States.

So far, there have been over 3,500 visitors to my “Thoughts”, from 22 countries. I can’t tell who each of the visitors are, but I have a pretty good idea based upon the country. I am clueless about the visitor from Bangladesh!

I am just as inept at predicting which posts will be popular as I have been at predicting which pictures will have the most “likes” on Facebook. However shorter posts typically seem more popular than longer ones. It also appears that the average daily readership is growing. Also, whereas originally the majority of visitors came in through the Facebook “link”, now is seems the majority are subscribers and visitors who locate the posts directly online.

I hope to continue these missives on a (near) daily basis, but once we are traveling abroad that may become logistically more difficult. Happily, I have learned how to include pictures with the posts. It is still not as easy to upload multiple images, but it is doable! I consider this all to be preparation for taking you with us as we travel across the Atlantic and through Europe for the next 3 months.

Peace Everyone! Pete

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