Eddie at Casa Sol prepared a special breakfast for us this morning. His take on Eggs Benedict. Poached eggs with hollandaise sauce served atop a fresh tomato slice and a disk of hash browns made from potatoes and pumpkin… AMAZING! More important was that Eddie obtained 2 Pilgrim Credentials for us. He called his friend with the St. James Society of PR. She expressed her regret that they only had one. Eddie’s wife Tisha went to get it, figuring that one was better than none. When she arrived to pick it up the friend said she was sure she had only one, but it turned out that there was a second one with it! As Eddie repeated, in life there are no coincidences!

We walked to the San Juan Cathedral and obtained our first “stellos” (stamps) which establish that the start of our Camino is in San Juan. We will secure stellos in Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, and then Porto where the real walk begins.

We have boarded the Viking Sea. OPULENT!… and we await access to our home for the next 14 nights. More later.

It’s later(😋). A classic chamber trio. Grand piano. 2 Johnny W Blacks. Crab soufflé, Sea Bass and Scallops, cheese/fruit plate. Decaf Coffee. Good company and the subtle swing of a lullaby sea.

Peace Everyone. Pete

The gallery is comprised of images from our vessel and cabin. The odd blue room is the snow spa, the opposite of a sauna!

10 thoughts on “Tuesday, March 27th. Aboard and Offshore!

  1. Pete, can you explain the importance/significance of the document Eddie helped you obtain? Your accommodations are amazing, to think it is all on a floating city. I was in a ski boat once; other than that I enjoy the peace, solace (and fishing) from a rowboat, one of my favorite exercises! Pacem!

  2. Pauline Schloss says:

    Can I go with you–too late–“the lap of luxury” — you and Chris plan well. I too would like an explanation of the Passes you need and how you begin–I thought it was a walking pilgrimage???
    Have a better than ever , birthday/Easter celebration.

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