When we walked the Camino in 2013 the last day in Santiago was littered with chance meetings with friends from that journey. That experience is again playing out in Barcelona with chance encounters from our Atlantic passage. We met a number of ship acquaintances, paramount being Mart and Jean (again!) and then Mary and Gary who had the cabin next to ours. We shared a very good Tapas lunch with them after we had toured the interior of the Sagrada Familia.

I have retained over 60 pictures from today. I will exhibit a few here that give just a taste of the magnificence of this house of worship. Rather than engage in a lengthy narrative, I will let the pictures speak more eloquently than I can. Besides, it is nearly midnight as I type this out.

This evening we met with one of our AFS exchange student “children”, Neus, her 8 year old daughter, and her brother James, who had also been an exchange student, but in Baltimore MD. Neus took us on a walk along the stunning beachfront area known as Barceloneta. Good fortune won out and the rains held off until we concluded a late dinner at one of James’ favorite restaurants. Sadly, Neus’ 10 year old daughter wasn’t feeling well so she and her father could not join us.

Tomorrow we will sleep in a bit, and then return to wandering the area of Las Ramblas, the old city, and Cathedral. Perhaps we will take in a museum or two, a Gaudi site, and certainly tapas, vino tinto, and an Estrella Damm or two in this world class destination.

Peace Everyone! Pete

2 thoughts on “April 11th. Barcelona Day 2.

  1. Pauline Schloss says:

    Your friendships know no bounds–in many cities and many countries–enjoy!! The trip is just beginning, take time to rest and relax–

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