In 2017, while traveling and camping in Alaska, we met Ron and Lena. We were immediately attracted to them. As retirees they spent approximately half their time on the road in a very small RV, had incredibly positive dispositions, liked people, but most of all really liked each other. We made a fast friendship with them, and upon parting wondered if our paths would again cross.

The question was answered yesterday. While I was doing our much needed laundry, I received a Facebook message from Lena. They were in Madrid!..having completed the Camino Via de la Plata route to Santiago. Using a mixture of Facebook, Skype, and Messenger, we arranged to meet for dinner in the Barrio neighborhood. Ron described the restaurant as a “hole in the wall” with great atmosphere and food. It was, and it did!

In Spain, dinner doesn’t really get going until 9pm or later. We met at 7:30, sipped vino tinto and cervesa until 9pm, and then dined until nearly midnight. The time fairly flew as we caught each other up on the gifts and challenges of life. Will our threads in this tapestry of fate cross again?… only time will tell.

Madrid at night is a carnival, alive with the pulse of humanity. No museum or art gallery can compete with the energy that unfolded before us as we slowly walked back to our hostel.

Today we will breakfast at the hostel, join its residents for a walking tour of the city, enjoy a street-side cafe, and let the day present us with its menu del dia.

As Eddie said to us in Puerto Rico, “In life, there are no coincidences!”

Peace Everyone! Pete

4 thoughts on “April 13th. Madrid and “Birds of a Feather”

  1. Where do Ron and Lena reside when not galavanting about the world, Peter? Unlike you Christine, I have few friends. It is a treat to share time with them, especially on chance encounter! Distance or time apart doesn’t dull the kinship. How blessed you are!

  2. Pauline Schloss says:

    You are so fortunate to experience these coincidenses. Life is busy there late at night??? Pictures tell the tale.

    • And what is remarkable, at least to us inhabitants of more northern regions, Pauline, is that primary school children are outside playing at 11 or 12 o’clock midnight while their parents chat with friends.

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