I can’t resist at least serving up a brief summary of the day and giving the opportunity for you to view the pictures.

First of all the huge ugly creature in the opening photo is a monkfish (the other creature next to it is Tom). Surprisingly good to eat (the Monkfish), but really ugly!

We shared breakfast with our Swiss friends, Irene and Manuela, and then saw them off to their taxi for their return to Switzerland.

We met our Canadian friends, Tom and Nancy, at the Cathedral for the Pilgrims Mass, which included the announcement of the prior days arrivals. We were fortunate that this service included the iconic swinging of the Botafumeiro, a 175 pound silver plated incensor, one of the largest in the world. The pulley mechanism was installed in 1608 and is scheduled to be refurbished later this year.

We shared dinner with them, and were joined by our friend Kirsti from Finland. Dinner was at a wonderful Tapas restaurant recommended by our Kansas City friend Thomas Lin who walked the Camino in 2009.

The day concluded with a surprise encounter with a street Mariachi band and their brief inclusion of a “guest performer” (me) from the audience. Christine almost passed out she laughed so hard.

And link to video of the Mariachi band. https://youtu.be/4au5X3tOauQ

Here is video link of the Botafumerio. https://youtu.be/COlhM5VPM1Q

Enjoy and Peace Everyone! Pete

7 thoughts on “May 4th. Summary of a Great Day.

  1. Julie Baliva says:

    I loved the video! You truly know how to live, love and enjoy life. You also are so blessed with a gift of writing and an eye for photography. So many people are blessed by your journals. Thanks for them, looking forward to more.

  2. PaULINE SCHLOSS says:

    The world is small when I think of the many encounters you have with people from other countries–not just “people” but friends you and Chris make. Your travel log is education ands not I could gleam from a book. Thanks for all this print and photos. All is well here. We had a good visit with Philip and Kathy. I appreciated their help.

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