It is 4 am on the morning of May 28th, our last full day in Scotland. We are far enough north on the globe that dawn has begun after the abbreviated darkness that fell at 11 pm. We have been in a bit of a fog the last 2 days, literally and figuratively. Today will be our last full day in the United Kingdom and tomorrow will bring a bittersweet departure for the Continent.

By my count we have put 66 days of this journey behind us with 25 to go. We have visited 11 countries and territories with 7 yet before us. We are tired, yet excited to see the places and friends that await us. We talk more and more about home, yet we also speak of “the next thing”. In addition to venturing out with our camper, we are giving serious thought to renting a canal boat for a couple of weeks next year and plying the inland waterways of England. This has been something on our “bucket list” for decades but encountering one of these vessels yesterday reignited the discussion.

We have wandered the streets of Edinburgh…

Toasted Christine’s brother in law with “a wee dram” of his favorite whisky, Lagavulin…

Stumbled upon a “royal wedding” in miniature…

Watched street performers…

Witnessed the start of a marathon…

And toured Edinburgh Castle…

We have continued to enjoy the culture, food, and exceptional ales found in Irish and Scottish pubs. I have favored the traditional cask ales that have virtually no carbonation, are served near room temperature, and are brewed in small batches. They must be drawn from the barrel by a hand pump since there is no pressure to drive them from the tap.

We continue to meet friendly people and briefly become a part of their own story. Later today we will meet the granddaughter of friends from home who is studying archeology here at the University of Edinburgh. Our meeting place will be at the grave and monument of Scotland’s most famous canine, Greyfriar’s Bobby, who spent 14 years standing watch at his master’s grave until his own death on January 14th, 1872.

It’s time to try and catch another hour of sleep.

Peace Everyone. Pete

PS. The monument to Sir Walter Scott. Second largest monument to a writer in the world.

10 thoughts on “May 26-27. Edinburgh Scotland and Our Own “Brexit”

  1. Charlene johnstone says:

    Wonderful pictures i may not get to Scotland and everywhere you all have been this trip but at least I was able be there in spirit. Thanks

  2. Maxine Harrison says:

    I remember crying my eyes out watching Greyfriar’s Bobby from Disney as a kid….of course…all those doggy stories were designed to make you sob and weep! I do have a question though…how come we didn’t see ya in a wee kilty, Petey me lad?

  3. Pauline Schloss says:

    It is difficult to imagine how all these building were built without today’s technology. Lots of manual labor and years in the development. One thing –they have lasted–today, too many “throw aways.”

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