Today, words add nothing to what our eyes beheld…

Peace Everyone. Pete

PS. We have been uncommonly fortunate to have had cell service and WiFi to publish these posts. The areas that we are traveling are becoming increasingly remote. With that in mind gaps may be coming in my narratives.

10 thoughts on “September 12, 2018. North Coast of the St. Lawrence.

  1. Jeanette Dufeck says:

    We are leaving for Arcadia Sept 22, so your narrative is especially timely. We will head north to Sault Ste Marie and head east on Hwy 17 and probably cross over by Montreal. If you have any thoughts about this route, I would appreciate them.
    Also Our provider is Cellcom and we lose our phone and WiFi once we enter Canada. That means we have to reley on paper maps and logging on to others internet. Our kids gave us a hot spot device to use which means that we have to learn how to use it. 😊. Just wondering what provider you have.
    This will be our fourth fall camping adventure in Canada and we love them. Next year we are already considering following your route on our way to Halafax. Happy Camping!

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