Dear Christine and Renee.

A short day today. Some clouds but mostly blue skies and pleasant temperatures.


We had a mostly uneventful hike and are staying tonight at the elegant Hotel-Albergue San Anton Abad.

The view from the Hotel grounds 
The dining room 

You and I were here in 2013, but lodged in the Albergue. Remember that it snowed the next morning? No chance of that happening this time.

Britton and I are in the Hotel portion. Breakfast is included and late departure is permitted.

There is a pilgrim we have encountered periodically, Brenda from New Zealand. She is around my age, walking solo, and usually distinctive for her bright yellow-green attire, Think School Crossing Guard.

Britton and I stopped for a bite at a small cafe in an equally small village. On one of the outdoor tables I spotted a pair of bright yellow-green sunglasses. The proprietor didn’t know who they belonged to, and with his permission I took them, certain they were Brenda’s.

This is Brenda. She is not wearing her walking attire. We happen to see her at dinner. 

I figured that we might see her in Burgos, but she is quite a speedy lady. As luck would have it she is staying here at the same rural hotel as us. Indeed, they were her glasses which she had given up as lost forever. My good deed for the day.

We also again got to walk with Rocío, the very pleasant Spanish lady from 2 days ago.

Again an amazing “coincidence“, she also was at dinner. The gentleman beside her is a French pilgrim who walks pulling a small cart that carries his bag. 

We were still close to the highway noise and the day included a fair amount of elevation gain.

This ancient stone bridge is still up to supporting the biggest of loads 

There were also a LOT of bicycle pilgrims.

I will let my pictures and captions offer details.

Love to both of you. Peace. Dad.

As we left town, there were dozens of monuments commemorating famous people who had walked the Camino through town. This one was a 7 foot tall Spanish Olympic basketball player. 
A random mural 
Former hermit caves? 
One of the many fountains in the countryside. They are safe to drink unless marked otherwise. 
The ruins of a monastery that dates to the 9th century.
This picture gives you an idea of the scale. 
Another town, another church. 

9 thoughts on “Villafranca Montes de Oca

  1. Hola Pete and Britton (and Christine and Renee) – Today looks like a gem of a day – at least from your pictures! It appears that you got to be a Camino Angel also by returning that woman’s glasses to her! We all know that though you come through a town now and again, however there are so many holidays in Spain that you might not find anything open to replace something lost or broken (lest we forget, siesta time also). Think of all the squinting that you saved this woman AND her sunglasses will continue to match her outfit (insert laughing -with love- emoji)
    In all my Camino’s I think that I have not walked this section due to some physical issue or another – so it is really nice to see the bits that I have missed. I have been making mental notes about the places that you have stayed just in case we have one start to finish Camino in us. Truth be told, the only time we had planned on walking the Camino in it’s entirety from SJPdP to Santiago (2013) I hurt my knee outside of Logrono and skipped ahead to Sarria to finish.(didn’t I just write this – oh well) Anyway – having a dog and limited dog coverage (and not wanting to be away from him for a month) we have only section hiked the different Camino’s that we have done. Rather than feel shame or idk – less than against those that finish their hike, I prefer to look at all of our time on our Camino’s as a gift. What a gift it is to even KNOW about the Camino, to touch our feet on the Route, to have the experience of walking through a Country as lovely as Spain, for no matter how long, it is as the commercial says – priceless!! Like you Pete, it has spurred us on to walk through other Countries – something that I had never imagined prior to my first Camino.
    Okay – thank you for giving me news that I enjoy reading with my morning cuppa, I am off to start my day. You have given me a gift today too – your pictures, your stories give me the opportunity to relive my own time on the Way – and THAT is a gift too.
    Be peaceful in your heart today my friend –

  2. enjoying all the pix and narration, Pete. We miss you guys back here. With the heat/humidity here we’d rather be walking with you guys.

  3. Charlie Murphy says:

    Thanks for the additional pic of you standing by the ruins, I would never have realized the scale, wow.
    And thanks for being so “in the present”. 99.9% would have left the glasses on the table. 🙂

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