I made camp at 9,000 feet above sea level on the Beartooth highway. It’s 48° at 2 PM and I have intermittent sleet and perhaps a threat of snow this evening. There is no water and no electricity, but there are pit toilets so things are a bit rugged. There are bear warnings everywhere. I plan to be here for four nights. I have the barest of cell signals about 3 miles from camp. Enough to text, but not much else. All is good on my end and any posts that I write and pictures that I take will hopefully be uploaded this weekend. The view is spectacular.

Bye for now and Peace, Pete

5 thoughts on “I’m Off The Grid For a Few Days. July 9, 2019.

  1. Wear your bear bells so they can locate the pile of poop you end up in…your good cooking just might draw them in!

  2. Pauline Schloss says:

    Is anyone else near besides bears. 4 nights is a lot of time to be in the wilds–Be cautious. Prayers!!

  3. Hi Peter… as my husband would say to his Mom – “don’t worry Mom” (for Pauline). They have closed a big camping area in NH too… bear activity. Unfortunately folks have not been careful with their food either before or after they eat and a Sow and two cubs have learned that people mean snacks. I am sure you have heard the adage – (sadly) “a fed bear is a dead bear” yet people continue to be careless. I know this does not apply to you…just saying that it seems to be so far and wide. Stay groovy – keep your wits about you. Buen Camino my friend!!

  4. Maxine Harrison says:

    Tis maiting season for our PA Black bears now so they are being seen all over. Lots of year old males off on their own getting into all sorts of trouble as they are too young and small to hold a territory of their own and still expect “mom” to protect and feed them”..We called them “Stinker Bears” because they were always getting into trouble and had to be trapped and relocated….Always best to make some noise while hiking to let wildlife know you are there. HAVE FUN!! And no…their names arn’t Yogi and BooBoo!

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