Written April 4, 2023, at Hexham, England.

This should have been an easy day. It was not. The day opened well enough. There was frost on the ground at our hotel green, and I captured a beautiful shot of the bridge across the North Tyne River lit by dawn’s first light.

I set off eager for the 8 miles to Hexham where we are lodging in the medieval center of town for the next two nights.

My first 3 miles included a 1 mile detour to the remains of a monumental Roman bridge that once crossed the river. Looking across the river I could see the Roman baths that we visited yesterday.

The next 2 miles were through pleasant countryside but along the busy A6079 roadway. No problem, there was a walking path alongside the road.

However, where the Hadrian’s Wall Path turned left toward High Brunton, I was heading straight for another 5 miles to Hexham. There was no path alongside the road. I spent three of those 5 miles jumping off the roadway and into the shoulderless brush to dodge cars and semi tractors. It was loud, anxious, and just plain dangerous. Needless to say, I survived.

Our lovely room at the Beaumont Hotel is in the heart of old Hexham.

We are across the street from the 12th century Hexham Abbey which we will visit tomorrow. This part of the city is a maze of ancient winding streets and charming shops that we will also explore tomorrow.

For today, just a few images and none from that dangerous stretch of road.

Peace Everyone. Pete

10 thoughts on “Hiking Along Hadrian’s Wall, Day Seven

  1. Christine Rankin says:

    This was like reading a page turner……..
    Glad you got through it ……… and the pic of the cyclists reminiscent of earlier treks!!! Nice.

  2. Loved seeing the baby lambs. And you had sunshine! From pastures to highway; a big change. Wow Loved the ancient tree. Stay well. Happy Easter.

  3. Loved todays episode. Every good story has a scene where the hero faces danger, and survives through his reflexes and wit. BRAVO. My favorite picture today is the lone, probably century plus tree, standing alone having been allowed to grow to its natural shape. Like us, old friend, taking on what the world throws at us. Have a wonderful day exploring.

  4. Holy moly Pete!! I am glad to hear that you survived your encounter with those typical English back country roads (and Irelands as well). It is amazing how – even at the stone bridges there will be no shoulder and no where to go! Phew… Anywho – your pictures are stunning, as always and make me wish I were right there (except for the nasty road walking bit). We both are enjoying reading your posts. Hugs to Christine and enjoy your day off!

    • Thanks Liz, and Hi Frank! You’ve hit upon some thing… I really like taking photographs, and it’s one of the great benefits of travel… great photo opportunities. Be well!

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