I don’t send Christmas cards but with a smile I do think and dream about seeing you someday and wondering about what is important in your life. So, without naming names and in hopes that I cover all of you who knew and know me from Kansas City, Crete, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, West Virginia, Virginia, Vermont, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Florida, Texas, Minnesota, Utah, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Connecticut, Arkansas, California, Maryland, Washington, Thailand, Canada, Germany, England, Scotland, Wales, France, Switzerland, Poland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Lebanon, Morocco, Jersey, Puerto Rico, Belize, Argentina, Japan, Finland, Greenland, …throughout the United States, …on the ocean, during my working and retirement years… MERRY CHRISTMAS and love to you. You are in my thoughts and held close to my heart.

Peace Everyone. Pete

25 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Nancy Antonette Wallingford says:

    Merry Christmas, Pete, to you and Christine and your family!! I so enjoy you sharing your life and travels with all of us. Nancy Wallingford

      • Merry Christmas to you two. Had a wonderful day with Nickey, Gary Logan, Jenn, Alexis and Aleah. Amazing traditional dinner and giving of gifts. Now I’m sipping a single malt and listening to some jazz. Life could not be better. Thinking back to dinner with you guys and the rest of the old crew a few weeks ago and realizing that I’m blessed far above than what I deserve. Looking forward to another year. Have a great time in Colorado.

  2. Hope you have a great Christmas with your family and a healthy new year. Steve and I hope that we can get together sometime. Missed seeing you and Christine, our friend.

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