In 2022 my posts to this site from the Portuguese Camino took the form of open letters home. These were well received and provided me with a natural, conversational, way to communicate that hinted at the relationship that Christine and I share. I was writing to her, yet aware of the larger audience. A side benefit for me was that I felt her presence as I penned each word. It was a relief from the shadow of being alone.

This coming June my 15-year-old grandson Britton and I will depart for 6 weeks in France and Spain. Life and fate willing, we will be hiking the 500+ mile “French Route” of the Camino de Santiago. This will be the longest time that I have spent away from Christine and the longest spent with any of our grandchildren. It will be the longest that he has spent apart from his mother and siblings. Britton is one of three surviving quadruplets. He has been with brother Simon and sister Delaney 7 months longer than he has taking breath in life. (Their births came very early, and they were very tiny.) Think about it. There is also his 6-year-old sister, Lennon, who will certainly feel his absence.

I have no doubt that he is up to the physical challenges. Britton is nearly 6 feet tall and is a muscular 190 pounds. However, the trials for both of us go beyond the physical requirements of walking many miles, day after day. We are separated by 58 years and 2 generations. He must learn and adjust to my peculiarities and I to his.

It is my hope that Britton might contribute an occasional paragraph to his grandmother and mother, giving insight to his own unique perspectives. However, recalling the focuses of my own teenage years I will not hold my breath.

Peace Everyone. Pete

18 thoughts on “The Return of Letters Home from the Camino

  1. Pete I envy your ability to continue these adventures, as Joe said last night, even though you don’t look it, you’ve been around awhile. When I went to Canoe Base and then Sea Base with Logan he was that age. It brought a closeness in our relationship that has continued until today. Don’t forget to let him lead once in awhile. I’m looking forward to “our” 500 mile hike.
    Peace, Bill

      • Absolutely incredible. I can’t believe this young man is Britton! And Delaney and Simon, also, so grown up. I’m feeling nostalgic for the days all of our kids were running around making messes in the kitchen and playing in our backyards. I can’t wait to see how the journey unfolds. What a transformative experience!

  2. Susan B Ross says:

    Oh my gosh Pete, what a wonderful privilege for both of you to be able to share such an experience! Best wishes always!

  3. Julie Baliva says:

    It’s amazing how fast our grandchildren grow. I am so excited for the two of you. I know you will both learn a lot from each other, build a very special and live long relationship. I will be looking forward to your posts and pictures. Prayers will be with you both as well as the families at home.

  4. Nancy Furse says:

    Peter, I’m so excited for your next adventure with Britton .
    What a journey it will be.
    Looking forward to seeing you two today at our monthly American Pilgrims on the Camino KC Chapter walk & Shell Ceremony.
    What a beautiful day it will be .
    See you there!
    Buen Camino my friend 😁

  5. Ah Peter – what a tremendous gift the Camino is eh? I will guess, prior to your first Camino that you had no idea the richness this walk through Spain would add to your lives (you and your Bride) and to all of the lives that you touch! I am so excited for you and Britton to walk together. Certainly there will be challenges but nothing that can’t be overcome. What an opportunity for Britton – walking on a sacred route (whether he feels that or not), being with scores of people from so many countries, spending time with his Grandfather, and having his heart and mind open to all that he will encounter. I have tears in my eyes for the wonder and joy of it all. We would love to take our oldest Grand but she isn’t the walking type (yet, I am always hopeful) so we are going to try to a long weekend in London soon. Anyway – whether start to finish or ending somewhere in between, you both as you know, will be forever changed! Blessings to you both!

    • Oh, Liz. Such wonderful words… Thank you so very much. I will share these thoughts with Britton and his mother. They certainly speak to my heart. Thank you so very much.

  6. A journey of a life time sharing your thoughts and the time you will have with Britton. I am jealous as Steve and I don’t have the many opportunities to share time with grandchildren since they are 1200 miles from us.
    Wish you the best.

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