Dear Christine and Renee.

I am writing this the Sunday before Britton and I depart for our trek across Spain. I have timed it so that you will be reading it sometime while we are flying over the Atlantic. I find my thoughts drawn to each of you, and of course to him. There are others, the loving hands that reach through to give me strength and a nurturing spirit. I am consciously coming to grips with the responsibility of watching over and caring for one of the dearest treasures that life has given you as Mother and Grandmother.

We are not “islands”, disconnected from the line of our ancestors. We are the product of genetics which determines our height, eye color, hair color… and those other things which decide what we look like. To an extent, genetics also determines personality, but here we have some self-determination. I have never learned to overcome my wanderlust, but I have chosen to embrace my emotions. I willingly recognize the “female” side of my humanness.

I feel the touch of my Mother and my Grandmother.

I sense the touch of Christine upon you Renee,

…My touch upon you…

…And your touch upon Britton.

We are not isolated islands, but an endless archipelago, a family chain of individuals linked by the love and caring of preceding generations.

There has been much said about what an extraordinary experience I am providing to Britton. However, in giving a measure I am receiving back a greater measure. (Luke 6:38)

Please understand that each of you, in trusting, have given me and him this gift.
Thank you. Peace, Dad.

PS. June 6, over the Atlantic. Three of us are having a really nice flight. Britton, me, and my bag. Unfortunately, Britton’s bag decided to spend an extra day in Atlanta. Hopefully it will catch up to us tomorrow. 

Britton and his Great Grandfather, William “Bill” Nichols (1918-2020).

28 thoughts on “5 Generations

  1. A new path, for both of you.
    A journey, for the one of both.
    An adventure, for the souls of two.
    A connecting heart, for the joy of many.

    Following you and hoping to see you again.

  2. Babe Wiley says:

    Wishing you all the happiness this adventure can bring! After all the thought and planning in preparing it, I hope Briton’s bag catches up soon! 🙂

  3. Liz Stevens says:

    Peter – you always manage to hit me right smack dab in the “feels”! We are following suit – next Thursday we will be taking our granddaughter for a whirlwind trip to London. I am gripped by similar thoughts that you so eloquently described. Though only a matter of days instead of weeks, no backpacks, just walking around discovering a new place rather than walking a Camino – I look forward to the special time and discovery we will encounter. Odd twist, it has been suggested that we bring a notarized letter from her parents, with a copy of a birth certificate so that we won’t be thought to be human traffickers!!! Oh my!! I digress – may your path be smooth, may your legs be strong, may your hearts be filled in your journey. Peace brother…

  4. We DO have our ancestors within us!
    You two are not alone! May you all have a Buen Camino! And may that darn bag show up!

  5. What you have written so beautifully comes with decades of living through the vagaries of life with awareness and sensitivity. It is a depth that hides from many until it is given the attention is deserves.

  6. Bobbi Haskins says:

    What a wonderful way to start such a journey. Your words are coloring our own trip (3 weeks) with our granddaughter (14.7 years old) in a beautiful way. Connecting across the generations and different experiences increases us all. We learn every day from her…we are blessed. Thank you for that perspective!!

    Have a smooth and glorious trip.

  7. Maxine Harrison says:

    While you two walk.. and look onwards and downwards at your steps, don’t forget to look onwards and UPwards as the most probable and incredible “space- weather” decides to light your way. More than likely, the Aurora Borealis will be seen at least once on your treck. It has been and continues to be, a very active solar year. PLUS you depart on the same date as one of our most celebrated Star Parties begins at Cherry Springs. May the stars guide you on your trip of a lifetime and the dancing spirits of the nighttime children play above your heads! Go with love ( and adventure). Max and Chip..and Kayak.

  8. Chris Graham says:

    I always enjoy your writing and musings Pete. Your introspective nature makes me look upon myself with more interest as well and I appreciate your outlook.
    Keep the stories coming, I’ll be following along!

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