No pictures today. What I have to say can not be understood with the eyes, only with the heart. Christine and I have been on the road now for two months. With less than a month of this journey remaining it seems an appropriate time to share a reflection.

We have met hundreds of you, from restaurant wait-staff and hoteliers to fellow travelers. You are the young, studying and working to secure a future. You are the not-so-young who see that life has a horizon, life is a lottery. A few of you have planned life with a loved one who has not lived to share that dream. A few of you are confronted with the specter of serious illness, infirmity, disability. In reflection, we have become aware that none of you have had life presented to you on a silver platter. Each of you have met challenges and difficulties in life, yet every day you present us with the face of optimism and a deep inner joy. Your gratitude for life’s gifts allows you no opportunity for regret over its misfortunes.

We have been treated to amazing sights, both natural and made by human hands. We have enjoyed sharing with you, but we want you to know that you have been sharing with us as well. We take vicarious pleasure in your hopes, dreams, and plans for your own “next thing”… motorcycling across the USA, a cabin in the wilderness, journeying with an RV, trekking a Camino, or helping with the care of your children’s children. If you are reading this then I assure you that we are thinking of you, whether or not we have met in person and whether or not we know you by name.

Peace Everyone. Pete

10 thoughts on “May 24th. “Thoughts”

  1. Jackie Haymes says:

    Sooo kind. Thank you Pete and Christine. Life is a crazy ride but so worth it! You said this well and made me feel connected and important…understood and maybe even accepted. Thank you for sharing with us! Be safe…

  2. Pauline Schloss says:

    It is great to have you share your thoughts and a history of places and things with us. I am especially greatful for this technology. It is a way to know where you are and what is taking place. As I “see” you now, I think it’s time to take a few days to “re charge.” Love all you have shared. Enjoy –Be safe. Love you.

  3. What a journey you have shared with us…your loyal fan base! I have been enjoying so much the mental journey you have taken us on…so very generous of you to share your adventures…may the rest of your trip be as blessed as what you have already experienced! My green envy rivals those fields in Ireland!

    • Max. Having reconnected with you and so many from nearly 50 years ago at CMHS has given me much to be thankful for. Life seems to go full circle mirroring the beginning as we mature into the sunset. Thank you for tormenting me so many years ago.

  4. Clarissa Charron says:

    It was lovely meeting you yesterday at Ardnamurchan restaurant! Your kindness and optimism about life inspires me 😀

    • Clarissa, thank you so much for being a part of our wonderful evening and for “visiting “ our travels! Enjoy life and never put off until tomorrow the things you might then be unable to do. Peace young lady!
      Pete & Christine.

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