We have arrived in Bratislava, Slovakia. This landlocked country of 5 million people is bordered by Poland, Ukraine, Austria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. Bratislava is its largest city and is about an hours drive from Vienna Austria, 2 hours from Budapest Hungary and 3 from Prague in the Czech Republic. It sits on the shores of the Danube River and is at the crossroads of Eastern Europe commerce and culture.

Slovakia had been a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire from the 10th to the early 20th Century and then joined with its neighbor to form the country of Czechoslovakia in 1918. It was a beneficiary the “Velvet Revolution” of 1989 that saw the fall of communism, and became the independent nation of the Slovak Republic as the result of a peaceful separation from the Czech Republic in 1993. Slovakia enjoys a very high standard of living and a very technicality advanced culture and economy.

We are guests for three days with Svetlana Rosinova, her husband Milan Rosina, and their 2 darling children. Svetlana is one of a number of people who still refer to us as “Mom and Dad” having been a part of our family as exchange students in the 1990’s. She spent the entire 1995-96 school year with us.

Milan is a communications and IT expert and Svetlana is a child psychologist. Their 11 year old daughter and 13 year old son are incredibly personable and polite, and speak fluent English, as do the parents. We last saw Svetlana 20 years ago in Prague and it is wonderful to see how she has succeeded in life. She and Milan are wonderful parents and partners. Their home is beautiful and charming by every standard imaginable. This has been a sweet and emotional reunion for us.

We look forward to seeing the countryside tomorrow and I am sure my camera will then get an appropriate workout!

Peace Everyone. Pete

7 thoughts on “June 4th. Bratislava Slovakia.

  1. Peter – I have taken a break from your posts as I was on the Camino for a bit, and in France for a bit. However we are home now. I have always wanted to go to Vienna, and Slovakia (among a number of other places)(the list keeps getting bigger)…so I am looking forward to seeing your pictures. As always – you help us feel like we are right there!

  2. Laurene Lambertino-Urquizo says:

    Pete: I’m half Slovak & all my mother’s family came from Bratislava. I spent a good amount of time there in the 70s & got to know the city while it was still part of the Soviet bloc. I can remember buying a dog skin for an aunt (her request) & enjoying the “milk bars” that sold pastries & the best milk I’ve ever tasted. My great-uncle has an apartment close to the old quarter & I stayed with him before traveling up north to Trencin where my grandparents were born nearby. I learned quite a bit of Slovak while there & surprised my grandmother when I came home & could converse with her. Great memories!! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

  3. Diane Richardson says:

    Just a couple of questions about the girl on the tightrope:
    1) That is a statue, right?
    2) If it is a statue, is it supported by other, less visible wires?

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