Written April 9, 2023, at Newcastle upon Tyne.

OK, I lied about taking a pause… sort of. We had a great day wandering the riverside Sunday market, touring the castle, the cathedral, and more. No narrative to speak of, just pictures. Please enjoy!

In Newcastle the River Tyne is tidal. Every six hours the tide alternates between high water and low. The average tidal range is 15 feet. The above picture was taken at low tide, the next at high tide.

Peace Everyone, and Happy Easter! Pete

6 thoughts on “Newcastle upon Tyne. Just Pictures

  1. Wow, Chris, those stairs looks so fun; but no thanks. I would spend some time at the Spatularium. Love wooden spatulas. Neat seeing the pictures with low and high tide. The busy city is a marked contrast to Pete’s country walking pictures. Thanks.

  2. Pete, a picture is worth a thousand words, but I missed your thoughts. Hope your knee is better. After planting potatoes and cleaning the yard my left knee is tender. Getting old is a pain in the knee, I guess. Beautiful weather here, hope it’s headed your way.

    • Thanks Bill. Not hiking long conservative days has really helped. We are back to cool and rain, but it’s all good! We are off by train to Liverpool in the morning. Be well!!

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