Written April 8, 2023, at Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

“It Is Finished”. These are words of gravitas spoken 2000 years ago. It seems appropriate to recall them on Easter weekend. They are also an expression that captured my heart upon reaching Wallsend.

My planning for the hike along Hadrian’s Wall began last summer. Unlike the Camino, lodgings along the route are few and often far between. Reservations were a necessity. Unlike the Camino, there is not an elaborate infrastructure for the “pilgrim” nor is there an overt spiritual component. I enjoyed meeting wonderful people but few were embracing the same experience. I usually walked in solitude. The weather was a daily roll of the dice.

Walking Hadrian’s Wall was a satisfying accomplishment. It was physical, putting me in touch with my aging body . It was historical, putting me in touch with a once great empire. It also reinforced my affection for the United Kingdom and its people.

Today I was rewarded with more of those connections.

John and Michelle from Glasgow have been walking “The Wall“ in sections, a few days each time. This was their final day.

We shared the path for a few miles and found that we had much in common. I expressed my regret that Christine was not present to make it a foursome. A few minutes later and there she was!

Christine had transported ahead to our hotel, but as the room was not ready she decided to walk back to meet me. It was perfect!

John and Michelle continued on as I stopped for lunch with Christine. After lunch I walked the additional 4 miles to Wallsend. An Uber returned me to the hotel.

Hotel management upgraded our room at no additional charge.

In our hotel room was a small gift and a personal card of congratulations.

There was another card that set out an Easter Egg “treasure hunt“. The answer to each riddle led to a plastic Easter Egg, each containing a small gift.

We were so touched by these gestures that we sought out the thoughtful architect. Her name is Charlotte.

She does not do this for every room or customer, just those who she senses would be appreciative; families with small children, foreign guests, and those who otherwise qualify as non-typical travelers.

Christine and I enjoyed evening drinks in the spacious hotel lounge. This evening it was haven for a younger “trendy” crowd. Techno music with a heavy beat played courtesy of an attractive young lady who expertly manipulated the soundboard. I watched customers and staff stride back and forth across the room. Unconsciously, they kept step with the beat. It was fun to watch. As we left I decided to bring this to the attention of the DJ. “Do you know how much power you hold over these people?” She laughed as I explained, but there was something in her eye that hinted she would soon begin experimenting. This was Annabelle. She is a lawyer and she finds joy in her evening alter ego.

We will be in Newcastle, a city of 320,000, for the next three days. Along with resting my legs, I intend to rest my “pen“. We will then spend three days in Liverpool before taking charge of our narrowboat in Middlewich.

Thank you for being a part of this journey. Stay tuned.

Peace Everyone. Pete

26 thoughts on “Hiking Along Hadrian’s Wall, The Last Day

  1. Guten Morgen, es ist geschafft! Herzlichen Glückwunsch und vielen Dank für die täglichen “Gedanken”. Ruhe dich aus und Frohe Ostern euch beiden, Tina

    • Guten Morgen Tina und vielen Dank! Ich vermisse es jetzt schon, nicht jeden Tag die lange Wanderung zu haben. Aber ich denke, mehr ohne Ruhe wäre ein Problem mit meinem Knie gewesen. Danke auch für die Geburtstagskarte! Ich hoffe alles gut für dich und Familie. Umarmungen. Peter

  2. Dear Pete and Christine… Well done! You finished it! And you nip right into DJ’ing – not an easy feat! ha ha. I appreciate your honesty about the Wall Walk as I think I would miss the community. Thanks to your report, if we do Hadrians – we will be better informed and have a better idea what to expect. Your pictures all along have been lovely ..and I believe that you have earned a well deserved rest from walking and journaling (for us anyway). Question – since you recently did a Camino… is there one thing you wished you had (or remembered), or conversely something you brought that you remembered – once there – that you didn’t need. We haven’t Camino’d since 2019 and like childbirth – I feel like I have forgotten everything! Eek! Enjoy Liverpool! (oh and somehow I have signed up for your posts 3X – so I will be unsubscribing on two of them – not from lack of interest). Hugs and a huge WELL DONE!

    • Hi Liz! As always, you are so kind. It is quite possible that later in the season, the Hadrian’s Wall walk would provide the community that was missing at the start of the season. I hope my remarks haven’t dissuaded anybody because it really was amazing, particularly the middle four days.
      In response to your question: I brought too much. It is so easy to forget the lesson that Spain is not a Third World country and one should not bring “just in case“ stuff. I wish that I had brought rain pants. Which route will you and Frank be walking? Be well, and all our love to both of you.

  3. Julie Baliva says:

    I have really enjoyed this journey with you. Congrats on the finish. Dom really liked today’s post with all of the bridges. Enjoy your rest. Looking forward to your next adventure.

  4. Christine Rankin says:

    The journaling of this journey is an amazing gift; know how much it is appreciated! I can’t believe you find/ take the time. Rest! Happy Easter to you both 🐣. Congratulations!

  5. Pam Roberts says:

    Congrats on your walk along Hadrian’s Wall. That was quite some journey. Loved the countryside scenes and the people you have met along the way. Glad that you and Chris had a safe trip. Happy Easter to you both.

  6. Add my thanks for my daily dip into another part of the world. Rest well. Good job overcoming all the physical discomforts.

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