Many have wondered how we can go “on the road” in a tiny camper for weeks on end. The answer is that my wife and I share a good marriage. She is a good person (however, I will not self-proclaim my own character). A good marriage is not dependent upon whether or not the partners are good people, but rather upon the people being good partners. In this I am doubly blessed to have married a good person who is a good partner. Each year on our anniversary (June 19th) we take our marriage off of the shelf, admire and polish it for the next year. It really doesn’t tarnish since we continually work on keeping it polished throughout the year.

We do not cast responsibility upon each other for our individual happiness, but we do find our relationship is a source of happiness. It is also a safe place where we find support in the other’s strengths and talents, refuge from our own weaknesses and shortcomings. Like I said, ours is a good marriage. Many people find that that they need solitude in order to examine their thoughts without distraction. With a good partner one can also better know one’s thoughts by dialogue, but only when there is absolute trust that the exchanges are free from criticism and judgment.

In our marital life, the depth of sharing can be challenged by the daily distractions of work, finances, current events, and all of those things that comprise the background noise of “real” life. I find that most days we are able to shrug off the burdens of such distractions.

After over 40 years we still find strength and support in our partnership. We love our life at home, and we love our life on the road. The commonality is that we love our life together. Have I said that I have a good Marriage?

Peace Everyone. Pete

10 thoughts on “A Good Marriage

  1. Pete
    You and I are both blessed (dare I say ‘lucky’?) to have found good partners who love us despite our faults, and who are brave enough to let us love them back. Yes. We are blessed AND lucky.

  2. You have verbalized my thoughts exactly. I have often thought that I was the luckiest man in the world. Many have asked what is the key to our marriage. There are so many facets to such a relationship and it is hard to explain. I have married my best friend in life. She means more to me than my own life. I have ask myself many times why God blessed me with Doreen. I have done nothing to deserve her. It is great to read this article and the responses and know there others that feel the same way.

    • Sadly, as an attorney I rarely saw the good marriages, only the marital tragedies. I believe there are many more good marriages then bad ones. This is probably a good subject for a future post. Thanks Ron and Doreen!

  3. Maxine Harrison says:

    It took me a couple of tries, but finally found the “right” partner…it isn’t just love, but I think you have to actually “like” the person you are with…they become the part of you that you share everything with and trust and respect as well for their independence as well as dependence on your as their partner. I wish I had not wasted so much time in my life finding the right person but it was perhaps the journey that I needed to take to get where I am. Love you both!

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