After a 6 hour journey from Belfast by bus, ferry, and back on bus, we have arrived in Scotland. We will be in Glasgow for two nights and then proceed by train north into the West Highlands where we will spend at least 4 nights in Fort William. We have already been told that the great weather that is predicted for the next week is an anomaly. Seems we are taking sunshine with us wherever we go.

This has been a rare day where we have turned on the news. Another school shooting in the States. It is eye opening to watch the Europe news and commentary. The word “again” was repeated throughout the presentation, highlighting the disfunction of a system that is frozen to inaction by money and the power of the NRA lobby. It is not hyperbole to say that the United States is seen as a morally broken nation. “Click”, news turned off, but not the reality it reports on this side of the ocean.

Tonight is the 56th night that we have been away from home… we are entering week 9 of this journey. It would be disingenuous of me to solicit sympathy for the small fissures of homesickness that we have begun to experience. We continue to enjoy each day, but there are moments that cause us pause.

Each day brings questions about the quality of tonight’s mattress, shower, and room. When will the next laundry opportunity occur? Will our clothing make it through the next 34 days without falling apart? We have eaten restaurant food for 8 solid weeks. What will be our first home cooked meal? Most of all, we miss family. Our smart phones and tablets can ring up our children with no more difficulty than a local call within the States. However no matter how “smart” the device, it can’t bridge the temporal reality of a 6 or 7 hour time difference. I’m really not complaining, just presenting another side of this experience.

Peace Everyone. Pete

3 thoughts on “May 18th. Glasgow Scotland and Travel Fatigue

  1. Pauline Schloss says:

    Glasgow looks very enterprising as far as shops and stores. I think you could cut your trip “short”. It has been a long journey. How did Glasgow view the wedding today?. I arised early to view it on TV.

  2. Susan George says:

    I am glad you and Christine have avoided the news, because it is never very uplifting! Always a new investigation, diversion or something that Americans should not have to worry about, but do. On the other hand, I have to make a comment…..I am amazed that you and Christine always seem to be appropriately dressed for whatever venue you visit……I know that you both took very few clothes, and you always look very well clad and fit right in! I am sure your warm and welcoming personalities have something to do with it…..

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