May 27, 2010. Read on a wall at the bus depot in Seattle:   “A man in the station, old or young, or maybe a woman, sitting on cold ground, scared, with hungry eyes, and worn shoes. Don’t worry, you are still loved. We wait together. You asked for change, I offered you my heart and my soul. You just wanted change.”

We only had the day of the 27th to take in a few of the sights of Seattle.




On the 28th we drove 135 miles northwest to Clallam Bay Washington, located about 26 miles from the C4C starting point of Cape Flattery, the farthest northwest point in the 48 contiguous States.


It was damp and bone chilling cold. The skies were foreboding. It seemed certain that our foul-weather riding gear would get immediate use on the 29th, the day of our “launch”.


As concerning as that might have been it paled in comparison to what we beheld as our first two night’s “accommodations”. We were to be lodged in a mostly vacant logging camp comprised of 60’s era mobile homes. Christine and I shared our “home” with 4 other C4C members.


Level? Like a carnival fun-house. Water? Cold but running. Bathroom? Well it did flush. Heat? None. Mattress? Lumpy and with the faint odor of blue cheese. Under the bed, I dared not look.


Suzanne and Kathy at Kansas City Catholic Charities were in charge of arranging accommodations. They did their best. Our route would take us to many places less-traveled, and Cape Flattery was one of them. To their credit we never had to camp. Their resourcefulness guaranteed us 3 meals and a bed. The variety of accommodations made every day a bit like opening the “surprise” in a box of Cracker Jacks.

Over the next 100 days we found ourselves lodged in:





College Dorms…


A Retreat House…



Motels (some of which appeared more accustomed to charging by the hour than by the day)…


Home stays…

Our host "mother", Rose Anna, in her home with Christine at Walla Walla, WA



…and even an incredibly palatial hotel in Miami Florida.


We celebrated our arrival at Clallam Bay with the first of many group meals to come. Forget organic… forget vegan… just “comfort food” shared with friends. Tomorrow the real work would begin.


Next: Part 6. We Have Lift-Off!!!

Peace Everyone. Pete

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