Over the last few years I have been blogging my “thoughts” and our pre and post travel experiences. The narrative and images were first presented on this website and remain publicly available to read. I assembled these into 5 hard bound volumes totaling approximately 1,000 pages which we have gifted to our children in hopes that someday the grandchildren (great-grandchildren?) may read them and come to a fuller appreciation of who we are.

A recent spate of Facebook memories has proven to be motivation for me to begin a sixth volume dedicated to our 2013 500+ mile walk on Spain’s Camino de Santiago. I awoke at 5 am this morning and penned Part One. I intend to continue, drawing upon the images and musings compiled during those weeks crossing Spain. Once completed I will begin presenting them in serialized form on this website. I don’t know how long this will take, or how many “chapters” there will be.

Peace Everyone. Pete

6 thoughts on “The Start of a New Project

  1. Lorraine Carpita says:

    Great idea! Although I’ve enjoyed all your travels, that particular trip of yours and Christine’s was one of my favorites.

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