Dear Friends and Family. We wish you a Very Happy, Safe, and Healthy New Year. In these pictures with Christine and me are our daughter Alexis and Pax “the Wonder Dog”.

Alexis is with her three children (left to right), Kane, and twins Paisley and Phoenix.

We celebrated an early afternoon New Years Eve dinner at the nearby South Park Saloon in Alma Colorado, the highest in North America (10,580ft/3,225m).

Peace Everyone, Pete

PS. I know that I still owe at least one final post from our recent trip to South America. I will get to it. Life has been quite busy since we returned to Kansas City. I have initiated the process of undergoing DBS surgery for my lifelong essential tremors. I arrived at the decision to pursue this course of treatment during my hike in Portugal and Spain. The following link has the details.

I have now met with the chief neurologist at the University of Kansas Medical Center, the neurosurgeon, and I have no less than nine future appointments which include two scheduled surgeries. The third surgery has not yet been scheduled. Much of this will occur beginning in late May after we have returned from our three week hike from the west coast of England to its east coast along Hadrian’s Wall, followed by three weeks of us piloting a 62 foot narrow boat on England’s canals. Please keep me in your thoughts. Pete

24 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. nancy wallingford says:

    Pete and Christine, I have enjoyed all the posts so much. I honk my horn whenever I drive by your house on Wornall!! Best wishes to both of you and your beautiful family. Best wishes to you, Pete, on your health adventure. You both mean a lot to many people here. Happy New Year!! Nancy Wallingford

  2. Good morning dear Pete and Christine! We started our day with a rainbow – almost a double, over the lake. That seems to be to be a pretty good start to the year eh? Hadrian’s Wall – I am soooo jealous! We were thinking about a Camino this May – I don’t really care where we go as long as I have a backpack on. I truly miss walking through the world. Though we all need to keep in mind the Coronation on May 6th – traveling in England might be dicey around that time (we usually fly British Airways). 9 Appointments … 3 surgeries – yikes …but the end result comes in the form of some “freedom” I am guessing. I will put you on my list of folks that I pray for daily. Sending love and light, joy and laughter to you both! Happy New Year my friends!

    • Thank you so much Liz. One can never have too many prayers. We are aware of the coronation issues. In fact, our hotel reservation for departure from Manchester has attempted to cancel on us. We are guessing we caught a pre-coronation price that they wish to take advantage of. Be well and a very happy new year to you and Frank!
      Love, Us.

  3. Pete and Christine: Best wishes for another adventurous year… 2023. I so appreciate your efforts to document and share your explorations. Tackling your health issues will use up some of that energy this year.

    • Thank you so much Bob! It’s really good to hear from you. I hope all is well and life is smiling upon you, Ann, Paul, and Shirley. We certainly enjoyed our time with you folks. Peace. Pete

  4. Margaretha Finefrock says:

    I certainly will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and blessings and kindness and gratitude 🙏🏽. I would also like to talk with your neurologist to find out how such a marvelous person as yourself and such a creative witty mind has been made. Please slip me into one of your appointments. 🥰😍😇🙏🏽💖💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

    • Maggie, thank you so very much. While they won’t let you visit with my surgeon or neurologist, I’m happy to share with you the outcomes of the appointments and procedures. i’m sending you a big hug from afar.

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