Written March 26, 2023 at Carlisle, England.

A good day. No rain, just cold.

Breakfast was “Full English“.

Confirmed 8AM transportation arrangements for the morning to Bowness-on-Solway in Cumbria. It is on the west coast of England, 15 miles from Carlisle. This will begin my eastward hike along Hadrian’s Wall.

I revisited Carlisle Cathedral, this time with Christine.

These painted panels which appear on the back of the choir chairs, depict saints and the Apostles. They date to the 14th century. At the time of the Protestant Reformation they were defaced and hidden by lime wash in an effort to hide and destroy them. Fortunately, the lime wash acted as a preservative and aided in the eventual restoration of the panels!
The small reproduction which aids in interpreting the original dates to the 1800’s.

We visited Carlisle Castle.

No good castle is complete without a bad dungeon.
Christine, Queen of the Universe.

The 12th Century fortress was used as recently as 1918 as a training camp for British troops in World War I. It still houses a British military museum.

Garry and Kathleen Clifford drove down from Glasgow and spent a wonderful afternoon and evening with us.

What a joy to reconnecting!

A Very Good Day. Peace Everyone. Pete

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    • Hi Lauren. I use a Sony “a6500 mirrorless” camera. It has exceptional image stabilization features that allow me to take clear hand-held shots (no flash) even in very low lights situations. Additionally, it gives me the option of either using a video screen or a conventional viewfinder. Using the viewfinder steadies the camera against my forehead. The camera also has a feature for extremely low light situations. I rarely use a flash. The camera shoots a burst of images and then the internal processor uses the multiple images to create one single, extremely sharp picture. It’s genius!

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