Dear Christine, Renee, Friends, and Followers.

In 2018 Christine and I were walking the Portuguese Camino and after a very long day stopped at a Pension on the coast. After registering, we joined German pilgrims on the terrace for beer and conversation.


Greg is on the left, Faris (from Germany) it’s on the right. Sadly, Faris passed away two years ago. Stanley is seated to the left of me. 

Shortly thereafter, a pilgrim appeared who had one leg and was proceeding with the aid of crutches.

Greg, and Faris later in the journey.

He was from Poland, and spoke no English or German. One of our group, “Stanley”, was originally from Poland and acted as an interpreter. We learned that “Greg”, a deeply spiritual man, was walking his third Camino. The German couple at table, Reiner and Ina, inquired through Stanley as to why Greg did not have a prosthesis. Greg responded that It was not something he could afford. Reiner and Ina then spoke privately to another.

Again through Stanley, Reiner, (a doctor), and Ina explained that they owned a clinic in Germany specializing in manufacturing and fitting prosthetics. They offered Greg the opportunity to receive one at their clinic without cost. That was accomplished the following year and was documented in a German television program.

Today, as Britton and I were approaching the famous Irache wine fountain where the vineyard invites pilgrims to enjoy free wine from a spigot along the trail, our approach was being documented by a film crew.

Britton at the wine fountain. He chose the water fountain instead. 

… I chose wine 

We again crossed paths with Abbey and Erica.

I soon learned that they were working on a television documentary about pilgrimage and the Camino. They were from Poland. The main interviewer lacked one arm and wore a prosthetic device in place of one leg. I told him of my experience in 2018. The film crew gathered around us and proceeded to interview Britton and me for about 20 minutes. In the course of the interview one of the film crew-members remarked that he knew Greg!




My life with Christine has been populated by remarkable moments such as this. Is it coincidence, or something more? The answer is irrelevant. That this happened and that it was noticed as something “special” is what is important. Please draw your own conclusions.

Peace and Buen Camino. Peter.

PS. Dear Christine and Renee. The day was not so long, but it was very hot. Britton has been dealing with an minor stomach upset but is powering through. He is beside himself with excitement that he will be a “television star“ on Polish TV.

We are in the town of Villamayor Monjardin where 11 years ago I climbed to the castle ruins above and enjoyed solitude along with the spirits of a bygone time.

This wonderful Albergue Oasis Trails is hosted by a Dutch confraternity. They will provide us dinner tonight, and breakfast in the morning. This evening there will be a special meditation service. This is another gift from the Camino.

Love to you both. Peace. Dad.




The castle ruins. 



Britton enjoying his post hike siesta 

The view from our terrace. 

Dinner for 19 tonight at the Albergue Oasis Trails.

Good night!

14 thoughts on “My 2018 Camino Intersects Our 2024 Camino

  1. Oh my gosh! What a wonderful “God-incidence”! To be a part of that meeting in the past and then learning of the young man getting his prosthetic and THEN you guys showing up as they are filming! Wow!
    Awesome!!! (And how fun for B to now be a Poland “movie star”! 😀

  2. Your photos and commentary are so appreciated! We are back in Germany, after traveling through , Germany, Hungary and Austria. I have been following your Camino with Britton, our sweet young man who has grown from the premie for whom I provided care. It’s amazing! I hope your back is doing well. Thanks for sharing your journey!
    Warmly, Susan

  3. Ah Peter, there is something wrong with my eyes I am afraid – they continue to leak as I catch up with your posts. How sweet is that – that you are not only interviewed for television – but that you were able to reconnect with years past when one pilgrim (or two) gave grace to another pilgrim in need. I have always sat in quiet judgement of the phrase “the Camino provides” (just being honest here) as I have walked for days with broken shoes due to the Spanish holidays, or had to walk extra miles due to overcrowding (wah wah – right?). But right there – in that moment in 2018 and again on this journey – there it is. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to change my mind. Peace brother

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