Dear Christine and Renee’.

Our hike today from Albergue Oasis Trails at Villamayor Monjardin to Torres del Rio was done in a leisurely six hours, 13 miles, and 30,000 steps.

There were no major hills to climb, and although it was warm, the sun stayed behind clouds most of the day.

At one point, we perceived a thread of rain, but it never materialized.

As with the sisters at Zabaldika, I was mere steps from Oasis Trails and I found that I really missed the company of the good people who took care of us. Both are very spiritually rich places.

About halfway on the road, we encountered another “oasis”.

This time it was a food truck.

Incredibly, it was operated by a gentleman, Wes, originally from Vancouver Canada, assisted by a young lady, Nevaeh (heaven spelled backwards) from Arizona who has just graduated from high school. She is here in Spain helping out over the summer before starting college in the fall.

Again, very spiritual people. Wes asked if he could pray over me for good health and a safe Camino for us.

We are just back from dinner. Britton has really come out of his shyness today and acted as an interpreter for two French speakers at dinner. He conducted himself throughout the dinner mostly in French. He is really happy with himself and I have expressed how proud I am of him. I know the two of you would be as well.

Before dinner, Britton and I swim in the Alberges’ swimming pool (WHAT A LUXURY!!!)…

and visited a very unusual 12th century Knights Templar church, Inglesia de Santo Sepulcro, here inTorres del Rio.

The vaulted ceiling.

I will let the pictures speak to what we saw, as well as some of the other visual highlights of the day.

Love to you both. Peace. Dad


PS. Christine, it has been 47 years. What a gift you have been to me. Happy Anniversary. I Love You!

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  1. First comment – HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Second thought – POPPIES! It looks warm there … I hope you are both staying hydrated!! Love the “pop up” food trucks! Thank you so much for allowing me to journey with you from the comfort of my couch. Though I will say that it makes my feet itch to be out there again…. Perhaps …soon. Love to you both on your special day!

  2. Happy Anniversary from me, too!
    I know she must be so proud of you two, going on your “Way Walk”! You have taken some very memorable pics (as usual), but there’s just “something” about this time that is…somehow different…(I can’t come up with the right word in my 73 year old brain…)

  3. I really like the photo you posted today of the apparently silent, clean narrow street. It looks like a great place to live for some people, but more than a bit too cozy for me. Perhaps the wives live on one side of the street and the husbands on the other. Hmmm, I wonder where they park their cars .. . or even their bicycles.

    Cheers again to the two of you.

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