Tonight my post will be short on narrative and long on images.

We toured Ottawa’s “Mosaiculture Gatineau 2018” an outdoor garden spectacle that presents 45 larger than life sculptures formed from wire and metal underframes that support plants that are arranged to complete each art piece. The exhibit covers acres of ground and is accessed by walking a 1km long path. Over 5.5 Million plants from over 200 separate species are involved in the endeavor. Last year over a million visitors toured the exhibit, a number certain to be eclipsed this year.

Among the works was a 100 ton “tree” that presents 56 endangered species of birds in flora art.

A huge head of a woman who’s extended arms present a waterfall on her right and a calf on the left was the show’s favorite.

Other images include a Voyager,


An array of various animals of the North,

A First People trapper,

And a particularly charming man planting a tree as art imitates life.

Other images are presented at the end of this post.

Another feature of Mosaiculture today were First Nation dances, one of which included audience participation (me and Nanci included).

Finally, the glory of the day was celebrated at Oree du bois Chelsea, a world class dining experience in the forests overlooking Ottawa. The leisurely dinner extended to nearly 3 hours with each minute being a savored memory!

More tomorrow, and of course…

Peace Everyone. Pete

10 thoughts on “September 1, 2018. Ottawa Canada. Living Sculptures.

  1. Pauline Schloss says:

    Wonderful pictures–what happens when winter comes? There must be hours and days of work to plan and execute the gardens.

  2. Christine Rankin says:

    Pete and Christine…thank you for the for the gorgeous pictures. My hometown is 60 miles down the road from Ottawa on the St Lawrence. Look for Habitat in Mtl – designed by our own Performing Arts Ctr Moshe Safdie in 1966 – and certainly for the amazing Samuel Champlain history in QC. Love, love your blogs.

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