We are fresh off from spending 2 wonderful nights “camped” at the home of dear friends Liz and Frank near Squam Lake in New Hampshire. Our friendship has its roots in the Camino and we count friendships such as theirs as another unexpected gift of that pilgrimage. We look forward to extending hospitality to them at our home in the near future.

We never seemed to lack for conversation. The topics mirrored the stage of life we share, children, grandchildren, retirement… But most of all we embraced the joys of our good marriages, wonder at the seemingly insignificant moments in our lives that became life defining, and gratitude. Our time spent with good people like Liz and Frank, Tom and Nanci (earlier in this trip), and past times with many of you who are reading these words is spiritual to me. Friendship is a celebration of the best that people have to offer one another.

Barring the unforeseen, we will be heading into Pennsylvania for two nights shared with a dear friend from high school, Maxine and her husband Chip… then on to a couple of nights with my Mother in Illinois as the last stop on one of the best trips of the last 3 years.

Peace Everyone. Pete

8 thoughts on “September 20-21, 2018. NH, VT, NY, Homeward Bound.

  1. That is fabulous!! Your pictures are stunning. Having you both stay here was as easy as breathing, and just as nourishing. What a gift – unmerited at that, to have found you both in the crowd at the St. Louis Gathering!! My heart is full, my face hurts from laughing and smiling, and knowing that we will see you again soon thrills my soul. May the rest of your travels be peaceful and beautiful! LnF (and Sam)

  2. Love the photos, Peter – thank you, as always. I met your friend Maxine through your journals. Though we have not met in person yet, we converse and have many commonalities in our lives. It will be fun if our paths cross one day; I know they are looking forward to your visit. Safe travels!

  3. Love your photos Pete, as always. Appreciate you sharing your travels and the people you met along the way. Looking forward to seeing you and Chris when you return to KC after you have recuperated from your travels.

  4. Pauline Schloss. says:

    The photo in the beginning of your post is beautiful. It should be a painting to be admired in my home. You have a wealth of wonderful friends–so good of you to keep in touch. Looking forward to you and Chris stopping on your way back to Kansas city. Love and prayers with continued safe journey.

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