October 4, 2022, at Matasinhos, Portugal.

Dear Christine. Throughout the 2 Caminos that we have walked together, one in 2013, and one in 2018, we marveled at the frequent, unanticipated and unexplainable events that we came to call “Camino Moments“. Eddie, the pilgrim from Puerto Rico, once instructed me, “Peter, in life there are no coincidences.“ How right he was.

We begin our walk this morning on the Camino with a visit to the cathedral in order to get our credentials stamped at the start.

I walked up to the counter where the young women prepared to assist me. I immediately recognized her. It took her just a moment before her eyes grew wide and she spoke my name. Do you recall those two young women students who were so helpful to us in Porto in 2018? One was Mafalda, and the other was Rita. Here’s the picture of us with them from 2018. Rita is on the left.

The young lady at the counter this morning was Rita! Of all the people in this huge city that I would encounter on the first step of this Camino, how can one explain this intersection of lives renewed!

She quickly grabbed her cell phone and feverishly opened her Facebook app. She turned to her coworker and displayed to him our picture. She spoke excitedly to him in Portuguese but no doubt was explaining the context of this meeting. He was struck dumb as were so many people standing around us.

She came around to the front of the counter, we embraced, posed for a picture, and some further explanation was then shared with those around us, all to their further amazement. In life and on the Camino there are no coincidences.

We covered 16 km today, almost all along a lovely seashore. Tomorrow it will be up early to cover 22 km of the next stage.

Our hostel is clean and modern. Our four person dorm is a bit cramped very serviceable.

The room is shared with a man and a woman (not a couple) who are both from Germany. I am getting more practice with that language, all to my thorough joy.

I am going to leave off for now as I need to try and get this post loaded, shower, and get some SLEEP!! I will include more pictures at the end.

I love you, and by the way…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


6 thoughts on “A Camino Moment

  1. I have to say that we LOVED the walk to Matosinhos and all the days after. It was nice to see your pictures and relive our time there. I will make sure to send birthday salutations to Christine today… it a special day as it is the 15th anniversary of my granddaughters arrival on earth!! Sending love to you and Kris – a friend I haven’t met yet – well – I did at one of the Gatherings a long time ago. Stay groovy

  2. Thank you! I feel privileged to be sharing your journey Pete! I am filled with admiration and appreciate all of the wonderful life lessons you weave in to your story telling with such mastery! Great photos!

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