Written November 4, 2023, in the Pacific Ocean @150 miles west of southern Mexico.

The weather has gradually deteriorated since we left Panama on October 31st. Today winds are near gale force and seas are approaching 20 feet.

A passenger leans out from his stateroom. Bigger waves chased him inside.

The Captain has indicated conditions may continue to worsen. Barf bags have been deployed.

The waves are crashing into the ship at a height greater than our state room.

Fortunately, conditions still favored us as we made port in the protected waters of Puentarenas, Costa Rica on November 2nd.

The long narrow cruise dock looked quite fragile compared to other ports that we have visited.

Our outing for the day was titled “A Walk in the Clouds, Costa Rica’s Cloud Forest.” We were transported by luxury coach 90 minutes into the mountains. At an elevation of nearly 4,000 feet the temperatures were moderate but the humidity contributed to periods of dense fog. We were literally driving in the clouds.

Our guide, Exon, provided us with an information and humor filled lecture en route.

The drive time passed quickly, punctuated by a bathroom break at a large crafts shop where souvenirs could be purchased and coffee sampled. There was a beautiful garden and best of all, an enclosed butterfly habitat.


There were dozens of butterflies fluttering about. Christine visited with a caretaker who was busily harvesting butterfly eggs.

At our destination there was another bathroom opportunity before we descended into the “Cloud Forest”, lead by Exon. Here are some images:

This is a “walking palm tree”. It is believed by many to move in the forest by putting down roots on the sunlit side while those roots on the shady side wither. It is a myth.
This large pine cone shaped plant holds water in its upturned cavities. The water takes on antiseptic properties and smells like shampoo.
Look closely! This snake, hidden next to the trail, is a pit viper. It is one of the many varieties of poisonous snakes in Costa Rica.

Afterward we enjoyed lunch consisting of beans, rice, and roast pork richly seasoned with garlic.


As Exon explained, if one prefers an alternate dish, just ask for rice and beans instead of beans and rice.

We departed port shortly after dark with 4 at sea days ahead. The original itinerary included a day in Nicaragua, however the government has currently closed the ports to cruise traffic.

Like the weather, and sunsets, some things are beyond the control of our our Captain and crew.


Peace Everyone. Pete

PS. What is within the control of the crew is the remarkable service provided by personnel. In just a few days many members have worked their way into our hearts. These are hard working people who are dedicated to the comfort of the passengers. To me they are more like friends.

Christine and Hiep from Vietnam.
Myra from the Philippines, Christine, Princess from Zimbabwe, and Ika from Bali, Indonesia.
Ika from Bali, Christine, Nanci from Mexico, and Princess from Zimbabwe.
Christine and Princess from Zimbabwe.
Christine and Sasa from South Africa…
…and Guna from the Bali, Indonesia with Unray from Bermuda.

14 thoughts on “Costa Rica and Building Seas

  1. I am impressed with the crashing waves (and hoping I still have sea legs) and all those smiles. We are going to try to connect with you two by cell phone in L.A. or maybe before the Star docks on Friday morning. Do you know the expected time it is supposed to dock? Or, if preparing for debarkation is complicated, maybe you would rather call us. Whatcha think?

    • Call any time. We are using ship WiFi so in theory there are no charges. However, there was a “glitch in the matrix” one morning and T-Mobile charged us for two calls… $5.99 a minute for over 50 minutes. Do the math! It has been resolved but not before we got pretty hacked! Christine stays in daily touch with the family back in KC. Be well.

  2. Well hey there my intrepid friends…I too love the smiles and the pictures. Everything is an experience – some good, some not as good but I am certain you are in good hands. Would love to pick your brains about the shore excursions some time. Perhaps I will send an email .. that you can respond to when you have absolutely nothing to do! Many hugs … Liz (n Frank of course)

  3. Amazing! Thank you for sharing, it’s great to experience part of this beautiful trip with you! And these places are making space on my travel “list” …!

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