Written November 8, 2023, in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of the Baja Peninsula, Mexico.

Today and tomorrow are at sea days. We are scheduled to arrive in Los Angeles on Friday, November 10th. We will transport from the ship to Los Angeles International Airport and board a non-stop flight to Kansas City. I am ready to be home, as is Christine.

It seems that no matter if the trip has been 2 weeks or two months, at about 3 days before the end I grow restless and perhaps even difficult to be around. Having known me for over 49 years, Christine (thankfully) tolerates my moods.

We spent yesterday in the port of Cabo San Lucas, located at the southernmost tip of the 775 mile long Baja Peninsula.

First light as we approached Cabo.
Cabo’s iconic land’s end.
The harbor Pilot escorting us to our anchorage.
Cabo beachfront resorts.
The 300 foot 150 million dollar yacht, Attessa IV.

Our 3 hour land excursion took us away from the busy tourist port to the smaller and less hectic San Jose del Cabo.

Our ship’s tenders transported us ashore.

Rather than taking time away from Christine these final two days to write an extensive explanation of the day, I hope that the pictures with an occasional caption will suffice.

Our guide
The Mission Church at San Jose del Cabo.
The Mission Square.
…and more shops.
Back onboard.
Land’s end nearing sunset.
Also at anchor, the 4,000 passenger Norwegian Bliss.

This will be my final post during this trip. I intend to follow-up in Kansas City with some closing thoughts, the result of ruminations fermenting in my mind during the journey.

In the meantime, enjoy the pictures and…

…Peace Everyone. Pete

PS. Another delightful crew member that it has been our pleasure to meet is Lucia from Peru.

There are 465 crew members aboard, representing 43 countries and 7 different faith traditions. The head of guest services spoke with pride of the camaraderie of the ship’s crew, and in the next breath reflected, “Why in this world of ours can not everyone follow this example and live in peace with one another.”

Night departure from Cabo.

10 thoughts on “Cabo San Lucas and The End

  1. Thanks for taking us along Pete. Mike and I took this trip just before the COVID lockdown arriving home just a week or two before everything shut down. The trip was an adventure and we have enjoyed reliving it again through your posts.
    Safe travels and welcome home!

  2. Hey there – how many passengers are aboard your ship? 4k on the Norwegian – yikes!! I agree – when it is time to start a trip or end one – I am itchy (note – no B in the word) to get going. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts after you are settled. Hugs to you both.

    • Congratulations Annie, what a milestone! We are at 46, approaching 47 and I find it mind boggling to consider all the “real estate” that we have crossed together. Hug each other once for me!!

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